What makes Ukraine so special? Let’s try to feel a special atmosphere of Ukraine.

All nationalities and all countries on Earth have their own special character, own rich culture and history. while you visit any country you feel its unique atmosphere. That is a result of many ingredients such as cultural heritage, food, arts, music, cloth , nature, climate and people who live in this country. As you visit Ukraine it might be unforgettable.

What  does make Ukraine so special? Let’s try to feel a special atmosphere of Ukraine.

  • First of all Ukraine history is very special because it is modern and ancient country in the same time. Its history contains ups and downs. It is a history of the fighting for independence. Ukrainian people have their own unbreakable spirit like their   ancestries kozaks had. They are very friendly and have a sence of humor, love freedom and respect others.
  • Besides that Ukrainians love life and enjoy it. Their music is full of joy and lyric. Dances are full of energy and tenderness.  Food is very delicious and nutritious. You should try Ukrainian especially “vareniki” and “borshch”.
  • Moreover  everyone of Ukrainian region has its own beautiful  style of cloth. But was is common that is special embroidered decoration on the cloth called Vyshyvanka. As you visit Ukraine you can buy it as a special souvenir . A we come to the special decoration we should mention about  Petrykivka paintingPetrykivka painting. It is a traditional Ukrainian decorative painting. In 2013 it was included to the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
  • Additionaly , the remoteness of Ukraine from oceans, continental Eurasia, and mainly flat nature of its territory determine the climate of the country as a temperate-continental, gradually changing from west to east. So you will all 4 classical  seasons  with their beauty. Beautiful snow snow winter in Ukrainewinter, spring with  blossoming everywhere, green summer and colored autumn.
  • And what usually amazed every one coming to Ukraine that its outstanding
  • Finely , it is its beauty of Nature. Mountains, forests, rivers, lakes,    step, seacoast.  Variety of amazing beauty.