More than 6000 foreign students study at higher Education Institutions and Universities in Belarus every year. This number is increasing every year.

  • Almost all the courses are recognized internationally. You have the opportunity to get very good jobs after graduation because of the high standard and general acceptance of the degrees.

  • Belarus universities have about the lowest tuition fee in the world; hence students can easily afford the cost of education.

  • Belarusian Universities are recognized internationally for the depth and quality of their courses. The Education qualification is globally accepted as an indication of a high level of competence in a broad range of fields – from science to business, foreign language training to arts and from legal studies to medicine.

  • The cost of education and general living cost is relatively cheap, compared to most of the other European countries.

  • Most of the Universities enjoy the visiting of Professors from other parts of the world like the US, Canada, and United Kingdom etc.

  • Getting a visa to study in Belarus is relatively easy. Most times, intending students are not are not refused visas. The visa is almost fully guaranteed.

  • IELTS or TOEFL is not required for admission. Entry procedures are simple..

  • The environment is very safe compared to most parts of Europe. Another advantage is that there is little or no corruption in Belarus.

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