Kharkiv is a big beautiful city in the eastern part of Ukraine. It is the second largest city in Ukraine and it  was a capital of Ukraine.

First of all Kharkiv is really a very unique city.  And if you want to know about the real life in Kharkiv just imagine a big, huge market and you might understand what atmosphere you will find there.

As it was always located on the crossing of many roads and it was a merchant city from its foundation and later University City. That is reflected in common attitude of people who live there. 

Therefore they usually display acceptance and tolerance to other cultures. People are   friendly and open to communication. More than 40 universities there are in Kharkov and more than 12000 foreign students.  And you find a lot of clubs and entertainments in Kharkiv. In addition the cost of living is cheaper than in Kiev. There are a lot of restaurants and small cafes everywhere. Waking around in center you and just take coffee and go and feel like in New York City.

Beside that  you will enjoy for sure  public transportation in Kharkiv especially its subway: reliable, fast and cheap and you can reach almost everywhere.

In addition if you are a native speaker of English, German, French or Spanish you will easily  a teaching  job in  Kharkiv because of hundred language school in Kharkiv and many young students who want to learn language.  

Moreover because of politic in Soviet Union that was directed to displace Ukrainian language with   Russian majority of inhabitans use Russian in everyday life although understand Ukrainian well. If you go outside the city in villages people use Ukrainian or special mix of Russian and Ukrainian language (they call it “surgik”).

In fact, although most signs here are in Ukrainian but some in English as well. You will face with some challenges if you don’t speak Russian or Ukrainian because not so many people in Ukraine speak English.

It’s easy to find new adventures around every corner. The city is old and modern simultaneously.

What to do 24 hours after arriving Ukraine.

ukranian map

24 hours after arriving Ukraine.They  are the most exited  but stressful hours.

As you travel somewhere around the world it is always better if someone pick you up there in airport.
But in case if you have no one to pick you up in the airport. What would you do?

We are going to tell you basics that you need to know after arrival to Ukraine. What to do, how to stay safe.

First there is no need to worry. The airport is usually one of the safest and regulated places in a country.

Fortunately everything is clearly marked, including which line to stand in, which forms to fill out, etc.

Get to the information desk.

The information desk is usually located past customs in the area of the airport that is accessible to anyone. If you don’t see it, just ask someone. And almost every airport has a desk for new visitors to get info.

Here’s what you’re going to get at the information desk:

  • A map of the city.
  • The best way to get to your hotel
  • The name and address of your hotel written out in the local language. Don’t assume that all taxi drivers know English or how to get to your hotel or hostel( even if you think this place is well known).

To survive in foreign country 24 hours after arrival that is what you need

  • Transfer
  • Money
  • Mobile connection
  • Accommodation


  • Once you at airport the easiest and comfortable way to get to your destination it is to take a taxi. It cost about 250 UAH ( or about 10$) in Krarkiv and about 400UAH(about 15$) un Kiev.
  • As I already mentioned don’t be surprise that majority of people don’t speak English. So they would be difficult for them explain you how to get certain place. There is a suggestion:


You can show it to people and receive a right direction


Let’s learn several words in Ukrainian and in Russian:

Thank you – DYA-KU-YOU (Ukranian),  SPA-SI-BO( Russian)

Good bye – DO-PO-BA-CHE-NYA (Ukraine), DO-SVI-DA-NIYA (Russian)

  1. MONEY

When you need to change money, you have a few options.

  • Change it at the money changer when you get to the airport.
  • Use an ATM. Use your debit card to get cash in the local currency from the ATM (Contact your bank before you leave and ask them which banks are their international partners).
  • Ukrainian currency is hryvna (UAH)
  1. Mobile connection

Buy new sim cards after arriving to airport. There are three main operators in Ukraine: lifecell, kievstar and vodafone

  1. Accommodation

It is much more better to care about a place to sleep before you get the country.  However, if you are looking for something short-term (or need a place to stay until you can find more permanent housing), you can look into hotels, hostels, Couchsurfing, or Airbnb.

The best and cheapest travel sites to find and reserve Hotels

  • com
  • Trivago
  • Priceline




What do you know about Ukraine?

What do you know about Ukraine?

             What do you know about Ukraine?  If you fond of traveling , love to meet new culture and people you certainly will  have a lot  of fun visiting Ukraine with it friendly people,  beautiful nature, delicious food and intriguing history.

Welcome to Ukraine! This is a beautiful green country in the south-eastern part of Central Europe with a long rich history, wonderful nature and beautiful people!

  • One of Ukraine is the largest countries within Europe  
  • Three hours distance from the main capital cities in Europe
  • 23000km of railways
  • 7 UNESCO heritage cities in Ukraine
  • Odessa is in top of 5 operas in the world

First of all, this country is full of culture, natural beauty and there are various places which are full of fun and entertainment.

 As Europe’s  a second largest country, Ukraine is a land of wide and as a result fertile agricultural plains, with large pockets of heavy industry in the east and huge numbers of universities.  Probably the great attention is paid to the science and education. There are National Academy of Science of Ukraine, 1400 scientific-research institutes, 1009 higher-educational establishments in the country with 2,4 mln students, among them 27 000 foreign citizens from 130 countries of the world.


Capital: Kyiv

  • Population 44.9 million
  • Area 603,700 sq km (233,090 sq miles)
  • Major languagesUkrainian (official), Russian
  • Major religion Christianity
  • Life expectancy 64 years (men), 75 years (women)
  • Currency hryvnia, UAH

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