Is studying medicine in Ukrainian or in Russian better than in English ?

Is studying medicine in Ukraine (or in Russian) better than in English ?

Actually it is very good and reasonable questions because if you have two options you should know as more as possible information to make the best decision.  What appeals better for you other can find absolutely not appropriate. So I would like to tell you pluses and minuses of both options.

  • First of all studying in Russian  Or in Ukrainian Medicine or other subject is cheaper than in English so if your budget is limited and your English not so good you can choose study in Russian.
  • If you know Russian you certainly will have advantaged during practice because you might have opportunities to speak with patients who mostly speak in Russian or Ukrainian
  • Unfortunately not all professors are fluent English speakers so if you study in Russian you might ask more questions and get more answers as well
  • More good textbooks are available
  • Moreover knowing other language will increase your ability, broaden your mind and etc
  • You will find more friends among Ukrainians
  • It will be easier for you to live here in Ukraine
  • But from other side you need more time and efforts to learn Russian. It is not one day task
  • If you decide to continue your education in Europe or USA you will find additional challenge in remembering all specific terms in English
  • In additional if you are going to work using English studying in Russian will give you a clumsy assistant because you should learn again a huge amount of information

I hope taking into consideration all these points you will make a right decision and fine the best medical university to study in.