Kherson State Maritime Academy

First of all Kherson State Maritime Academy is a higher educational institution of the IV level of accreditation in Ukraine, which prepares specialists of a full range of navigational, shipbuilding and maritime working specialties.

This is a complex providing a course on the basic offshore security; firefighting training area and a simulator on forming skills of working with heavy ship cranes “Cran”.

Moreover all these training devices and four classrooms with Wi-Fi technologies and printing office with modern equipment were created with the support of one of the biggest crewing companies of the world “Marlow Navigation Co.Ltd” and German State Fund of Investment and development.

Therefore during the years of cooperation with the company “Marlow Navigation” a training simulator “Free Fall life boat” was installed, specially equipped stands on electro technologies and automated electric gear were bought and a speedy rescue boat “Brig” was presented by the company.

Beside that academy owns best equipment, facilities, simulators and physical resources to deliver effective on-site training. This includes:

  • Navigational Purposed Simulators
  • Survival Complex
  • Fire Ground
  • Free-Fall Life Boat Station
  • Heavy Lift and Crane Handling Simulator
  • High Voltage Laboratory                                                      Kherson State Maritime Academy
  • Lashing and Safe Work on Deck Module
  • Refrigerator Container Module
  • Medical Class Room
  • Ship Security Class Room
  • Maritime Resource Management Class Room
  • Classrooms for Remote Learning (Wi-Fi)

In addition training devices, simulators, labs and specialized rooms provide a high level of preparation of the KSMA students and let them occupy their position on the national and international labor market.

Besides the  theoretical and training preparation all the students of KSMA have a possibility of taking their practice in the studying workshops and sailing practice both on their own training ship OM-106, and on the ships of foreign and national companies. One of them is the ship for carrying heavy non-dimension loads “HR Constellation”, which is provided with the crew by the company “Marlow Navigation”. On this ship the students can not only strengthen their knowledge, but continue their education in a specially-equipped laboratory.

International Students Department of KSMA deals with all the formalities regarding preparing of foreign students in accredited basic specialties.

Foreign citizens can get full-time and correspondence education at Kherson State Maritime Academy.

Training of foreign citizens is carried out for educational qualification levels of bachelor, specialist and master.

Educational programs:

  •  Navigation,
  •  Ship Power Plants Operation,
  • Operation of Ship’s Electrical Equipment
  • Automation.

From 2nd year Sea Passport (CDC).

3rd year 6 months payable internship.

And after Graduation Permanent Job in Germany Shipping Company.

KSMA collaborates with the worldwide-known German company “Marlow Navigation”. A long-term agreement (which has no analogues in the world) has been made with it. Now (at present) “Marlow Navigation” is not only a company employer for many graduates of KSMA, but also an important investor into the development of its studying, laboratories and material base