Kharkiv Derzhprom or Gosprom

I am happy to welcome you in a very beautiful and unique city. Let me be your city guide today. I would like not just show you some beautiful pictures but rather feel its special atmosphere, its positive energy.

Different scholars arguing about the exact day of Kharkov’s foundation but 1654 is an official year. If imagine city like a person Kharkiv is relatively young. Not like ancient Rome or Jerusalem. It is young but talented, active and strong.

Kharkiv is not only a students’ city, city with a big scientific, industrial potential, commercial and business center. It has a rich cultural heritage.

Modern Kharkiv is a center of a big region Sloboganshcina. Some scholars claim that the origin of name of this region came from slovenic word “svoboda” means Freedom. Kharkiv has been continuously shaped by the waves of immigrants drawn here by promise of hope and liberty. Ukrainian Kazaks arrived there seeking better life and independence with their cultural suitcase, unbreakable spirit and will.  It contributed to the sounds, tastes and texture of Kharkiv. But it is their dreams which built the city. A city like no other.

Kharkiv straightforward grid system makes it an easy city to explore by foot, taxi or on its subway which like a city works till late night.

Kharkiv has always been a place where the going got tough and tough got going.  But nevertheless local people never give up despite all obstacles arise on the way. They smiling, cheerful and tolerant.

Kharkiv has always been the gate to the land of Free but it is also the city of spree, the shopping spree. The city is shopaholic heaven. There are not numerous big shopping malls   but the biggest market in Ukraine ( Barabashova market).

Kharkiv has been blessed with generous civic spaces. But there no greater chill out space as Gorkiy park, a beautiful 130 acre network with meadows and  lakes. This is the place where local people come to rest, romance and express themselves.

Kharkov resonates with sounds of different language groups.

We’ve only just given you a bite-sized taste of what this incredible city has to offer.