Kharkiv National Agricultural University named after V. V. Dokuchayev

Kharkiv National Agricultural University named after V. V. Dokuchayev

Kharkiv National Agricultural University named after V. V. Dokuchayev

Kharkiv National Agricultural University named after V. V. Dokuchayev is the oldest university in Ukraine. It was founded in  1816 by  the Edict of Russian emperor Alexander.

 And in March 2002 the university received national status. So today the agrarian university is a modern educational, scientific and industrial complex which includes

 six scientific and research establishments,

15 colleges and technical secondary schools

 three state organizations.

It is well known abroad and since 1997 the university has been a member of International University association in Paris (UNESKO, PARIS).

Teacher stuff:

Total 275, among them: doctors 36, candidates 166, 14 academicians and correspondent-members of Academy of Sciences

At the university 3349 bachelor’s specialists, masters study at six departments. The curriculum consists of ten specialties (day and correspondence forms of education).

  • Agro chemistry and soil science
  • Agronomy on specialties ( Seed science and Seed-growing)
  • Fruit and vegetable growing and grapes-growing
  • Selection and genetics of agricultural crops
  • Plant protection in specialties
  • Phytosanitary monitoring and Forest pathology
  • Accounting and audit; Organization management; Enterprise economics
  • Land organization and cadaster
  • Forestry farming

In addition this Kharkiv university has trained nearly 46 thousand highly qualified agrarian specialists including 1477 Masters of agricultural sciences and more than 100 Doctors of Phylosophy or 76 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. Today many foreign students from Kenia, China, Morocco,  Iran, Côte d’Ivoire, Jordan, Vietnam, Guinea study there.

At 32 chairs specialists are trained by 346 teachers including 40 Doctors of Philosophy, professors, 159 Candidates of sciences.

Nevetheless the university has two specialized scientific councils for defense of Doctor and Candidate theses, post-graduate course in 13 specialties, Doctor Courses with two directions. During the existence of the postgraduate courses it was trained 760 Candidates and Doctors of science, including 13 Candidate and 2 Doctor Theses defended in 2001-2002.

Moreover Structural units of the University are: the Institute of after – diploma education, the Institute of phytosanitary monitoring, the fundamental library with the collection of 600 thousand samples of books, the editor-publishing department, three scientific and research laboratories, Internet system of connection, the Dendropark (22, 3 ha), two experimental fields (170 ha), two experimental-training farms with area 11425 ha, the Veterans park (6,5 ha).

Also the Agrarian University is a separate town (70,8 ha) with seven buildings (45259 sq.m) where students have their classes.

The students have seven modern hostels, a library with eight reading-rooms for 400 places, a pavilion with agricultural machinery, four gymnasiums, a conference hall for 900 places, a sports-recreation camp “Berizka” in the forest reserve of the experimental-training forest farm of the university.

In addition scientific research in the University is held according to such main directions: zone resource saving soil protective systems of farming; technology of fertility restoring and soil protection; genetics, crop breeding and seed growing, plant protection, plant growing production technology; organizational economic procedure of farming and improving land relations in rural area.