Apply through consultancy or directly contact the university?

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 Is it a good idea to apply to study abroad through educational consultancy or should I directly contact the university?

Of course, there are pluses and minuses in both options: to apply directly to university or use educational agency. Let’s consder both options from different sides

 First of all if you apply directly to university

  • Without saying it will be cheaper because agency obviously and logically take money for their service.
  • You will get more experience, develop certain quality
  • You will not depend on agency help

But from other side

  • It cruelly depends on country you are going to study. For example, in Ukraine universities don’t work directly with the students because they need the measure of guarantee to avoid unnecessary worried. So in any case they will put you under agency care and you could be disappointed with their choice.
  • If you apply to agency you make your own choice and work with agency you trust, like and perhaps have recommendations
  • educational gency will take care about you not only during all your steps from getting visa and arrival but until your graduation
  • In case of emergency or unforeseen events you will have someone you take care about you
  • educational agency with a good reputation that works for a long time know many pitfalls that come with studying abroad and aware how to solve them
  • agency will help you to find the best option for you regarding what university to study, what city to live, to choose apartment or hostel according to your budget and desires  

Just up to your count your advantages and risk, ask your friends who study in country you want to go and find the solution to yourself.

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