Admission for study in Ukraine


Admission for study in Ukraine for 2018/19

We are pleased to announce that  Admission process for study in Ukraine is going .

The terms of admission are different  in many universities but it  is strongly recommended to finish it until August –September
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We are offering MBBS (6 years), BDS (5 years), Pharmacy (5 years), Nursing (3 years), Computer Science, IT, Aviation, Aeronautical, Economics, BBA, Hotel & Tourism Management, Marketing, Maritime/Marine Engineering (4 Years), MBA (2 years) ,Veterinary Medicine and  many other courses in English, Russian and also Ukrainian

Admission process for study in Ukraine is not very complicated.   So there are simple steps to pass it successfully.


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Apply through consultancy or directly contact the university?

admission in Ukraine

 Is it a good idea to apply to study abroad through educational consultancy or should I directly contact the university?

Of course, there are pluses and minuses in both options: to apply directly to university or use educational agency. Let’s consder both options from different sides

 First of all if you apply directly to university

  • Without saying it will be cheaper because agency obviously and logically take money for their service.
  • You will get more experience, develop certain quality
  • You will not depend on agency help

But from other side

  • It cruelly depends on country you are going to study. For example, in Ukraine universities don’t work directly with the students because they need the measure of guarantee to avoid unnecessary worried. So in any case they will put you under agency care and you could be disappointed with their choice.
  • If you apply to agency you make your own choice and work with agency you trust, like and perhaps have recommendations
  • educational gency will take care about you not only during all your steps from getting visa and arrival but until your graduation
  • In case of emergency or unforeseen events you will have someone you take care about you
  • educational agency with a good reputation that works for a long time know many pitfalls that come with studying abroad and aware how to solve them
  • agency will help you to find the best option for you regarding what university to study, what city to live, to choose apartment or hostel according to your budget and desires  

Just up to your count your advantages and risk, ask your friends who study in country you want to go and find the solution to yourself.

We are redy to hepl and support you

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What should I do to study in a university in Ukraine?

to study in a university in Ukraine

You have a dream to study abroad. Let your dream come true. What should I do to study in a university in Ukraine?There are many advantages to study in Ukraine especially if you budget is limited. Hence several steps separated you from your success.

  • First of all you should decide what course you can choose. That is one of the most decisions in your life. So you should take into consideration all factors. Such as your talents, your desires, your inclinations, your skills, family duties, work opportunities, your life goals and so on.
  • Then you should choose language that you want to study in either English, Russian or Ukrainian
  • Then city in Ukraine and University you want to study. Because there some pluses and minuses in study in a big cities such as Kharkov or Kiev or study in small cities such as Ternopol, Uzhgorod or Sumi.
  • After making all these decisions you should define a time of your arrival
  • The process of admission in Ukraine is rather easy. All that you need the official invitation letter from University (together with support visa letter for embassy) and get the visa.

We are ready to help you and support you in all these steps.


3 main steps of admission process to study in Ukraine

3 main steps of admission

We are here to make your admission process as easy as possible. Terefore we are ready and eager to support you in all steps of admission procedure.

“Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs”

                                                                            Henry Ford    

There are three main steps. Let us find them out 

The invitation letter contains a shining hologram with the Ukraine’s national sign on it, student’s passport details and the complete name of the University.

To get an invitation letter we require the following documents:

  • Scanned copy of international passport (Data page)
  • Scanned copy of School leaving certificate (Certificate of O level/A level /SSCE/ HSSCE/ WAEC/ NECO/Bachelor/Master’s)
  • Filled Application Form 

Once required documents accepted and approved and payment is received finally  Admission/ Offer Letter issued within a couple of days. admission process to study in Ukraine


After getting invitation letter students should contact to nearest Ukraine Embassy or Consulate. He/she should apply to Ukraine embassy with the following documents:

  • Original invitation letter from Unversity
  • Original international passport (valid for one year)
  • Higher Secondary School certificate (For 1st year Bachelor Level students) (translated into Ukrainian language)
  • Bachelor Degree (For Master Level students)(translated into Ukrainian language)
  • Master’s Degree (For PhD Level students)(translated into Ukrainian language)
  • Transcripts (For Masters and PhD students)
  • Birth Certificate (translated into Ukrainian language)
  • Medical Certificate showing absence of Aids/HIV (translated into Ukrainian language)
  • Medical Certificate showing physical and mental fitness (translated into Ukrainian language)
  • Sponsorship Letter from the Parents/Person who is going to bear the expenses for student during their studying in Ukraine. (It is not a condition for all Nationalities)
  • Bank Statement to prove financial ability. (It is not a condition for all Nationalities)
  • 8 Passport size Photos

And finally

It goes without saying you feel pretty nervous and exciting about coming to another country. Don’t worry you are not alone. 

Our representative will warmly welcome you at airport :), clear your immigration, and escort you to the place of your destination.

We would like to draw your special attention to the fact that Ukrainian Airport officials do not allow students to enter Ukrainian territory if they are not informed of his/ her arrival

SO, please, scan your Air Ticket at least a week prior to your arrival, so we complete arrival arrangements and inform Airport authorities about your arrival time and flight number in time

After your arrival you make an official agreement with our company. It is beneficial for both sides. From your side it is a good guaranty we will support you from your entering to university till your graduation. From our side it is legal document of your responsibility to pay all needed payments (including fees to university and our service).

We will finish the process of your registration; help you to feel comfortable in your university and in Ukraine.



Admission to the Bachelor Degree program requires High School Result or Certificate and your International passport. An applicant is supposed to pass, with good grades with not less than five credited subject. To apply you must fill the online Application form and send us your scanned copies of your International passport and School result to our email.

 Your health should be in good condition. You should have Secondary School result to apply for an under-graduate study program


Admission to the Master Degree program requires Ukrainian University Bachelor’s Diploma with sufficiently high grades

 Post graduate applicants should fill and submit an online Application form and send us scanned copies of your International Passport (only first page where photo and details appear), Result/Certificate to our email





5 reasons to study in Ukraine

You are going to move abroad to study. It is not an easy but brave decision you make. And this decision opens before you a door of great opportunities. Therefore many things  you should take in a consideration to choose the best option for you. There are many reasons to choose Ukraine for study especially if your budget is limited.

Consider, please, 12 reasons below.

  • First of all is the high quality of education. You will be pleased with nice and effective methods of teaching concentrated on practical benefits. So you will enjoy study and get good knowlege
  • Then Ukraine is one of the peaceful, attractive, popular  place to study abroad.
  • The Ukraine provides the calm and beautiful environment
  • University Courses are recognized around the world (Europe, UK, USA, Asia,  Africa).  Medical degree recognized by WHO, UNESCO, PLAB(UK), USMLE(USA), throughout EU and Various International Organizations. And that means you have all chance to find a fine job. Please make sure you do your proper findings about the University of your Choice before you even apply. We can help you with that information for free if you contact us.
  • You will be pleasantly surprised to know that is no entry test or IELTS or TOEFL required although you can choose to study in English ( as well as in Russian orin  Ukranian)
  • You pay tuition fee only when you arrive
  • One of the best transportation systems in Europe and good standards of living including high quality of internet and electricity
  •  International students also enjoy approximately 30%~ 50% discounts on travel
  • Enrichment of experience through Visiting Professors from USA, CANADA, UK, etc.
  • Participation of students in Seminars either as Symposia and Project Work around the world
  •  Exchange program with Universities  in many European countries and US
  • Additionaly you have an opportunity to continue your education in US or Western Europe
  • Chances of permanent residence & settlement in Europe after completion of study program
  • Easy process of getting visa