Why Hungary is one of the best option?

Study in Hungary

Certainly, you heard a lot about advantages of Education in Europe but faced with the  difficult question: “What country in Europe is better  to choose?”

 Hungary could be one of the best option!  This country is really unique.  Ancient history,    rich  cultural heritage, beautiful nature and wonderful  people.

Let’s discuss some reasons to choose Hungary.

  1. The highest quality classic education with more than reasonable (comparatively with other  west European countries) price
    Only one fact: Number of Nobel Prize Winners and scientific inventors got their education here!
  2. The process of admission is very simple, just few documents you need to get acceptance, English certificates are not required
  3. You will be amazed with variety of different types of courses in English
    There are a lot of technical, scientific, medical, computer, design and  other courses
  4. Hungarian embassies issue education visas easier than other European Union and Schengen Member States
  5. Reasonable prices for students accommodations (less than other countries of EU), many different  options for accommodation  ( from students hostel to renting apartments)
  6. Your student visa allows you to travel around Europe .
  7. Student in Hungary can partly work during their study. There is  even government organization that supports students and helps to find them job
  8. Very, very beautiful ancient cities look like museums you will follow European history from the time of Rome empire.  Marvelous nature : mountains, hills, rivers, forests and spa hot water lakes. Beside this climate of Hungary is peasant , summer is warm, winter is not so cold.
  9. You will find a lot of entertainments in Hungary, different famous festivals around the years, night clubs for lovers of night life
  10. Have you ever heard about spicy Hungarian  Goulash? You  will in enjoy  delicious tradition Hungarian dishes with many spices.  (You will be pleasantly surprised with quantity of food that are usually served in Hungarian restaurants)
  11. Numbers of selling around the year not only for Christmas time

It is not a secret that you can find prejudges and hostility everywhere but Hungarian  people are very friendly. Many years of  fighting for  freedom teach them to cherish their own freedom and respect other dignity. So you will find friendly people here in Hungary who love foreigners and warmly welcome you in their country. ))