How can I focus while studying ?

How can I focus while studying

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think”

                                                  Albert Einstein, Ideas and Opinions

Just imagine that your brain it is a child. The more you force your child to sit quietly the more he will try to resist. So to be concentrated on your study you could use with your brain the same strategy as you can use with an active child if you want to teach him.

  • Play. Yes, I mean play. You can use different types of technics to play with your brain. Such as mind map, funny pictures, creating models and so on
  • Ask your friend to study with you. Children are well aware that play together is better. Study together with your friend has many advantages. You can help and support each other
  • Change usual place where do you study. Changing surrounding helps you to be more focused.
  • Prepare everything you need before your study session. Pen, pencils, papers, notes, books etc.   
  • Make revision of material you are going to study. Meditate about title, subtitles and pictures.
  • Make small breaks.   Make small beak every 30 minutes. Small break will refresh you will give you additional energy. You can do some physical exercises , jump, dance ) or just stretch
  • Drink water
  • Eat healthful snack
  • Promise to reward yourself after finishing something. Do you notice how children do something knowing about reward?Avoid unnecessary distraction.
  • Reward yourself. Please be kind to yourself.
  • Divide information into small blocks
  • Use humor
  • Make notes using pictures. Pictures wake up your feelings. You remember what you feel.
  • Child usually very easily could distracted. Avoid unnecessary distraction. Turn off you telephone for example. “Focusing is about saying No.” Steve Jobs


  • Repeat. Practice makes it perfect . Repetitio est mater studiorum (lat.) – repetition is the mother of study
  • Make a  review

Were you focused while reading this article?